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"We operate a virtual business and Jean has been our virtual PA for a number of years.  She's efficient, always meets timelines and adds value in many ways. She's a "go-to" operator who treats us as if we were her only client. I would recommend her services to anyone" John Morrell, Director, The Courageous Leadership Company T/A The Referral Guru 

"As President of the National Speakers' Association of New Zealand (NSANZ Auckland Chapter) for the past two years, I was fortunate to have had Jean as our Administrator keeping on top of all the details for me. I could always rely on her to meet deadlines, to give me notice of upcoming requirements, and to think through possible scenarios I should consider in terms of keeping our organisation running smoothly.  I really appreciated how Jean went above and beyond the call of duty to foresee situations and to suggest interventions which made my job so much easier. Thank you, Jean!" Sally Mabelle, Director, Speaker, Facilitator, Trainer, Mentor

"I strongly support and endorse Jean in her role as PA2Go. Her administrative and organisational skills has enabled the New Zealand Association of Orthodontists (NZAO) to advance its professional standing among its peer organisations and has enhanced its service to the membership. Her ability to supply full and detailed minutes and memos immediately following Executive Meetings is impressive and her follow up ensures tasks are completed within set time lines.  She has taken on new roles, displayed an ability to work and support a variety of different sub committees within the NZAO and gained the respect of NZAO members." Peter Fowler,  Past President, NZAO

"Working with PA2Go as Treasurer for the Auckland Branch of National Speakers Association New Zealand has been an interesting experience. Jean kept the financials spot on. She handled the details for the Chapter and she worked hard to keep us on track and stay within our own constitution. Jean knows how things should run smoothly and tries to keep everyone to that path. Not always an easy job." Roberta Budvietas, BBS, CAE, BSE, Ltd



 "As the outgoing Executive Manager for the National Foundation for the Deaf, I'm aware over the past 10  years how  valuable it has  been to have  dedicated  professionals  assist with providing  meticulous information and data; so as to provide a transparent and  effective service to our stake holders. As both Minute and Note taker for the NFD Board, NFD Trust, NFD Council and  other sub committee's, Jean has  provided an excellent, consistent and accurate  service  in all the work she has been  contracted for and is now  considered a valuable member of the  NFD 'family' of contributors." Marianne Schumacher National Foundation for the Deaf

"It seems that the 'send' button had just  been pushed and before you know it,  the job has  been done, sent back for approval and with creative flair. I appreciate  the  efficient quick service we get every time from Jean." Brian Mooney Personality Plus Limited

"Working with Jean and PA 2 Go has been my first foray into using a virtual administration service. The experience has been a total delight, so simple, and Jean's ability to pre-empt my very thinking was nothing short of a miracle. Martz Witty  outgoing President, National Speakers Association of New Zealand

"I have found Jean to be thoroughly efficient and professional in her approach. As well as making helpful suggestions she can be relied upon to turn things around with respect to timelines." Jasbindar Singh  SQ Executive Management Consultancy Ltd

"I am a busy person juggling a full-time career and a business. Jean has been a great help with managing the customer services component of my business. Whenever I ask Jean for help, I know that it will be done and in the way that I have asked. Jean also provides me meticulous notes so that I am kept abreast of everything. There are also times when Jean is "one step ahead of me". Things are taken care of without me even asking." Ashley Wong Operations Manager, Wall Treats Ltd

"Jean has been working with me as a 'virtual PA' for the last two years and the combination of her professionalism, knowledge and commitment is outstanding. She has consistently turned the 'ordinary into the extraordinary'. My business demands the highest level of presentation and clarity and Jean's experience, eye for detail, look and style ensures that my customers experience the 'wow factor'. Working from a distance and on a virtual level has proved to be an efficient use of time and an easy process due to Jean's ability to understand the project at hand and to make pertinent recommendations. I have often said to Jean 'you have read my needs perfectly'.  It makes me wonder how I ever managed without her!" Marlen Smith Consultant, Marketing WRX Ltd

"It would be hard to find a more organised and responsible person to help run your business; she looks after the smallest details and manages the large. You are in safe hands with Jean" Bill James Founder, Inspired Learning Systems Ltd

"Jean is great at organising systems and data that needs to be expertly handled for my business and other work I have engaged her for. Fantastic and highly recommend her to colleagues. She's a gem when I need her." Janice Davies The Attitude Specialist

"Jean is a National Treasure. She can safely be entrusted with any administrative work and be trusted to do it professionally and quickly - no job is too large or too small for her." Ann Andrews Managing Director, Teams from Woe To Go

"Jean always gives 110% to her clients. Her attention to detail cannot be questioned, she is fast and efficient. I have seen Jean work magic with admin work for our ConnectHers Network, also in Jean's role at National Speakers, Auckland Executive to name a few." Julie Shattock Manager, Shattock Communications and Research Ltd 

"Jean is a delightful, utterly reliable and thoroughly professional person. I do enjoy sharing various endeavours with her." Clive Littin Director, Clive Littin Associates Ltd

"I met Jean  through a colleague and as a small publishing company we have found her services invaluable. Any time we have a work overload she has been able to turn her hand to a variety of administrative tasks at very short notice and for a very cost effective fee. Her computer skills are excellent and she has also sorted out knotty document problems for us at the drop of hat. We'd happily recommend her services." Annie Gray Publisher, Tourism Business Magazine

"As a growing business operator it is important to keep overheads low yet project an image of success and a multi person team. Jean at PA2Go is the perfect solution. Not only does Jean enhance my company image but with her multitude of skills I can utilise her for a number of different roles as we develop. Over and above that Jean is as supportive and enthusiastic about my business as I am and that is simply extraordinary added value. I am grateful to have her as a member of our team at" Katrina Winn Director, NZ Women Ltd

"Jean has been an invaluable asset to the Auckland Executive Club. As the club has grown, it has been essential to have someone as capable as Jean to take full responsibility for all administrative and secretarial activities. Jean analysed all activities relating to the club, collated and summarised procedures, and presented a workable "go-forward" plan, that we can all relate to. Jean's standard of professionalism and excellence is highly endorsed by all the committee. Her range of skills and positive attitude with any task given, is exceptional." Lynne Arminshaw Past President, The Auckland Executive Club

"For the last two years Jean has been managing and overseeing all my various investment and business back office administration; from receiving mail and emails to liaising with key suppliers, agencies and my other professional contractors. I am able to leave all these matters to Jean confident in the knowledge that if there is an issue or a problem she will sort it out along with reporting to me on key areas she feels I should be notified of. I cannot stress enough how much Jean's dedication, reliability, and efficiency frees me up to concentrate on building my businesses and investments. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that while I am driving the business forward Jean is always actively minding the shop. She is an invaluable part of my team" John Bedggood Director, Rochelle Services Ltd

"With our business growing so fast and all our resources focused on growing the business our admin had started to get way behind and we really didn't know where to start!! Very quickly Jean sorted out all the back log of our accounts as well as fine tuning and updating our admin systems so that we could then begin the process of hiring a permanent part time administrator. With her knowledge of our business and how we work along with her experience and background in sole charge administration Jean was also able to assist us in vetting candidates and interviewing prospects, helping us to find the perfect person to run the office. We can't thank Jean enough for her assistance, advise and input which has given us peace of mind and confidence going forward with our business plan."  Caroline Pugh Director, TP Plumbing

"When I needed to have some important documentation created, Jean was totally onto it. Within a day she had transcribed, from my rough notes, all my requirements into the correct and professional format needed. Not only is Jean a fast and efficient PA, she has a huge resource of business experience and computer knowledge. Jean now manages my website processing all enquiries, orders and product shipments; as well as all the back-end website administration and my on-line advertising campaigns. I wish I had contacted her sooner!" Grant Jackson The Cat Door Company

"Jean you are fantastic, not only do you meet all my last minute deadlines you manage to convert my dictated recipes into language that the home cook can relate to, you are truly indispensable."  Simon Gault Chef, Restaurateur, Importer and Author

"In the three weeks Jean has been helping me two mornings a week, she's been more like a fairy godmother than a PA. She's proven very competent, with good computer skills and the ability to take in the important points quickly and run with a job with minimal supervision, often offering suggestions for improved systems (but accepting a preference to do it my way when applicable). Jean is making a real and positive contribution to our organisation." Heather Douglas Managing Director, Home Business New Zealand Ltd, publishers of HomebizBuzz

"I find the contract facility that you offer suits my type of business where your range of skills are required regularly. Engaging your services is quite different from employing staff and I much prefer this type of relationship. You have a pleasant personality, excellent skills and a can do attitude which I admire in people." Don Good Managing Director, W S Medical Ltd

"For the past 18 months Jean has been assisting both myself and members of my team across a broad and diverse range of projects and tasks. It has been invaluable to have a specialised professional such as Jean ready and available to act when we need her; often at short notice and after hours. Jean is most definitely a valued asset of the Raynish Group" Jenni Raynish Chief Executive, Raynish + Partners